WE ARE advocates.

A Reliable Partner

A Reliable Partner

Safety is no accident

Ensuring the well-being of our work force is a top priority for MCG Utilities. The projects we undertake require working with heavy machinery in rigorous conditions. Our goal is to always equip our teams with the knowledge and provisions empowering them to avoid accidents and adhere to safety regulations. 

Our commitment to safety through Workplace Health & Safety and OSHA Regulations training as well as  electrical safety classes is apparent when reviewing our exceptional track record of safety compliance on our projects. 


MCG takes on the responsibility of surveying our job sites to identify and assess environmental challenges, developing procedures that will leave a minimal impact. We scout and plan in advance, engage with the community and familiarize ourselves with the local environment. Through green construction planning—such as using specialized matting to build roads—we are able to leave the jobsites in as good or better condition as we found them.

In the field, our workers are consistently looking for opportunities to reduce waste, reclaim materials and recycle. Furthermore, we make efforts to support the communities we work in. This includes sourcing local materials, engaging local trades, utilizing local experts, and supporting local businesses during our stays.